Raw vs Jpeg. Why You Should Probably Be Shooting RAW.

Most cameras give you the option to save your photos as jpeg files or raw files. This article goes through the pros and cons of each and recommends which you should be using for your photography.

Shutter Speed in Photography. A Comprehensive Beginners Guide.

Shutter Speed is an essential concept to learn for any photographer. Luckily it is also the easiest topic to grasp. This article will guide you through the basics.

Capture One Pro Just Got Cheaper For Nikon Users

Capture One Pro is a professional grade RAW converter that offers great image quality and industry leading colour.

There is now a cheaper version of the software available for Nikon users.

ISO: The Essential Guide To ISO in Photography

ISO is one of the three critical aspects of photography that allow you to control your exposure. In this guide we will teach you What ISO is and guide you to getting the perfect ISO setting for each p

17 Useful Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts for the Library Module

Using Keyboard Shortcuts can dramatically speed up working in Lightroom. With such a huge number to choose from it can often be overwhelming to find the important ones. We have sifted through the offi

Topaz DeNoise AI Tutorial. How to remove noise from photos.

Topaz Denoise AI is taking the photographic world by storm. World class noise removal with very little effort thanks to it's AI algorithms. Let me teach you how to get the most out of DeNoise AI.

Camera Metering Modes Explained. What They Are and When to Use Them.

Your camera chooses how much light will make a perfect exposure. It does this based on the metering mode you tell it to use. Understanding metering modes will help you take control of your exposure se

How to get sharp macro photos

Macro photography can be extremely challenging. Getting an in focus, sharp photo requires impeccable technique. This article will help you get the sharpness part of the equation down pat so you can co

Topaz AI Workflow: When To Use Topaz AI Products

Fitting a new piece of software into your workflow can be quite a challenge. Read on to learn how we use the Topaz AI products in our photography workflow.

Using Lightroom's Lights Out Mode to Remove Distractions

Learn to use Lightroom's Lights Out mode to quickly remove all screen distractions to better evaluate your photos. As easy as pressing a button on your keyboard.

How To Import Photos Into Lightroom Classic

Importing files into Lightroom can be a little daunting. In this article we run through each option and make recommendations to make you an import genius.

Geotagging: Add GPS Data to Your Photos

Adding GPS data to your photos (geotagging) is a useful way to help remember where you took a photo. This guide will teach you how to geotag your photos.

Nikon D780 Compared to the D750: Thoughts

Nikon have announced the D780 to replace the ageing D750. This article will compare the two based on their specs.

Lightroom Workflow - 6 Simple Steps (Lightroom Classic)

Struggling to the the perfect Lightroom workflow? I share my 6 step process that will help you come up with your own.

Topaz DeNoise AI Compared: The Best Noise Reduction Software

Topaz Labs have recently introduced a new AI powered Noise Reduction software. We test how it performs against other highly regarded software

Topaz AI Software - Does an eGPU make a difference?

An external GPU (eGPU) can boost the graphics power of your laptop. We investigate how much faster the Topaz AI photo processing products can be.

Capture One Pro 20: What’s New

Phase One has just released Capture One Pro version 20. We investigate what is new, what is improved and discuss if you should upgrade.

DXO Photolab 3: New Features Investigated

DxO PhotoLab 3 was released today. We take a look at the new features, the improved features and help you decide if you want to upgrade.

Prime vs Zoom Lenses

Which Length Macro Lens?